• Institute for Environmental Analytics
    Institute for Environmental Analytics
    “This website acts as a focal point for disseminating knowledge to make cities greener, smarter and more sustainable. We hope it will become the ‘go-to’ site for those wishing to seek new collaborators and find out about innovative projects from around the world.”

    Colin McKinnon, CEO, the Institute for Environmental Analytics (IEA)

    • Bird & Bird
      Bird & Bird
      “Throughout the world, cities face complex challenges to become sustainable and smarter but are also ideally placed to drive investment, deploy innovation and offer the right scale for pilot projects. In EIC’s 2014 sustainable smart cities report it recommended a multi-faceted strategy to unlock the potential for sustainable smarter cities, including raising awareness of the challenges and opportunities to achieve this. SustainableSmartCities.org is an important platform to capture and share smart city case studies and other resources.”

      Michael Rudd, Partner, Bird & Bird

      • AECOM
        “SustainableSmartCities.org is the solution to years of isolated smart cities work, helping to bridge the distance between pockets of knowledge, practical experience, strategic investments, political support and more. This collaboration will best ensure that our cities will leverage smart technologies or big data to create a cleaner, greener and more sustainable world.”  

        Alex Tosetti, Head of Smart Cities and Operations Director, AECOM

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