• What are my responsibilities when using this site?

    As a visitor to the website you are encouraged to read, print and share the case studies with your colleagues and contacts. However, if any case study contains specific restrictions on those activities, you are responsible for complying with them.
    EIC relies on third party case studies contributors to check and verify the accuracy of the content they submit. EIC will regularly check with its contributors, but is not able to take responsibility itself.

    EIC relies on third party contributing persons or organisations to ensure they have all necessary copyright or necessary permissions or to indicate any restrictions. However, EIC is unable to assume responsibility for any breaches by contributing third parties.

    View EIC’s terms of website use: http://www.sustainablesmartcities.org/terms/ and our acceptable use policy: www.sustainablesmartcities.org/acceptable-use-policy

  • What is the purpose of the case study database?

    Our database provides a free-to-access platform for promoting smart technologies which help cities meet their increasing environmental challenges: air pollution, carbon emissions and energy use, waste management, and water contamination.

    We also hope it will be used to share international best practice, encourage industry collaboration, and help to match city governments trying to clean up their environments with companies of all sizes providing cutting edge solutions. Ultimately, we want to make commercial connections – increasing the size of the market and creating urban environments which are cleaner, more sustainable and more liveable.

  • Who maintains the database?

    The database is maintained by the Environmental Industries Commission (EIC) – a trade body which promotes the environmental technologies and services sector. You can find out more about EIC on the About Us page, or on EIC’s own website: www.eic-uk.co.uk.

  • How do I have my technology or case study included in the database?

    We actively encourage companies to get their technology or case study included on the database! Please go to the ‘submit a case study’ page and fill in the form with as much information as possible. We will then review the information provided and upload the case study to the database.

    Please note that however that the database exists to promote solutions which help specifically to meet environmental and sustainability challenges, so please make sure that your technology or application is relevant.

  • How do I amend or update a case study?

    We are very aware that technology moves at a fast pace, and that case studies can become quickly outdated. All case studies on the database will be reviewed twice a year and updated to ensure as best we can that they reflect current developments.

    However, if you would like the information relating to your case study amended or updated, please just send us an email to cameron.mcintosh@eic-uk.co.uk and we will make the changes.

  • What if I want my case study removed?

    Case studies on the database are included in one of two ways: either we have uploaded the case study based on publicly available information, or companies have submitted the case study themselves.

    We hope you will find it useful to have your case study included in the database, but if you would like your information removed, just email cameron.mcintosh@eic-uk.co.uk and we will ensure that all information is deleted from the site.