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Environmental challenge(s) met
Waste Management
Carbon and Energy Management



Outline of project:
The initiative 'VisionTech4Life' was set up to help the construction industry reduce its environmental impact in a cost effective manner, whilst still remaining compliant with the associated regulations.

Using a project which involved the construction of a water treatment plant in Villapérez (Asturias, Spain), the initiative was able to trial Libelium's latest environmental impacts detection system that uses wireless sensors to monitor in real-time, specific environmental parameters such as water, air and noise quality. For this particular project noise and particle matter sensors were installed at nearby residential developments that were close to the construction site; and water sensors were installed in the local water distribution network. These sensors were able to send automatic updates that allowed the data collected throughout the construction monitoring process to be analysed using the VisionTech4Life app. This allowed site workers with access to the app to constantly monitor the impact the site works were having on the environment and enabled a fast response if any negative impacts were detected.

What stage is the project at?
In Production

Monitored output to date? Or potential output if not project not yet live?
Pilot completed March 2016. 40% cost saving observed.

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