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Smart Road Radars

Environmental challenge(s) met
Air Quality



Outline of project:
In May 2017, Sharjah Police installed 30 new smart radar units as part of their 'Internal Accelerators Programme' to tackle bad driving within the city.

The smart radars are primarily designed to target speeding motorists and aggressive tailgaters, but are also capable of monitoring a long list of other driving violations such as vehicles not leaving enough space between other vehicles, heavy vehicles not abiding by their designated lanes, or heavy vehicles being on the road outside their designated time slots. Each of the new radars are fitted with 3G technology that can instantly send data such as licence plate numbers directly to the police; and are capable of monitoring traffic in both directions at the same time, meaning they can record more than one violation at once.

At first glance, the benefits of these radars are aimed towards crime reduction. However, their smart capabilities allow them monitor traffic for other purposes such as freight traffic control; allowing them to enforce traffic control measures that can mitigate against air pollution within the city.

What stage is the project at?
In Production

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