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Green Solar Cities, Strazburg

Environmental challenge(s) met
Carbon and Energy Management

Outline of project:
Salzburg, Austria is part of the Green Solar Cities project and has a 2000m2 solar collector system which supplies the Stadtwerk Lehen building project with hot water via a district heating system. Solar thermal collectors are fitted on the roofs of all buildings in the development, with heat being transferred to a large buffer tank at a heat station, before being distributed to individual apartments.

A key feature of the 200,000 litre heat storage tank is its visibility to residents. The storage tank also has three LED displays that show the solar coverage (in increments of 10%) of domestic hot water and heating over the past 24 hours and the current total share of solar energy in the system.

What stage is the project at?
In Production

Monitored output to date? Or potential output if not project not yet live?
The installed system provides the Stadtwerk Lehen building 100% of its hot water in summer and around 10% in winter.

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