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Connected Parking

Environmental challenge(s) met
Air Quality



Outline of project:
The French public intercommunal structure (Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole) have colloborated with Synox to create a large scale smart parking solution called 'Connected Parking'.

The Montpellier Mediterranean Metropolis promote IoT and big data projects that provide new and innovative services for citizens. In 2017 they issued a public tender to set up a private network based on 'LoRaWAN' communication protocol. As part of this tender programme Synox (a french technology company with experience in the Smart City sector) installed a series of parking sensors in strategic locations (parking spaces designed for people with reduced mobility or delivery services) located in two different areas of the city: six at the surroundings of the Montpellier Town Hall (Hôtel de Ville de Montpellier) and the rest on the nearby Parc Marianne district.

The sensors installed are able to relay real-time information back to the Montepellier Road Authority's data management system, informing them on how the parking spaces are being used with the aim to relieve congestion, streamline traffic, and improve access to park spaces. As well as monitoring how the spaces are used, the sensors also monitor the road surface temperature alerting them to when ice forms on the road. The data collected is made open to the public as an approach to help citizens, laboratories and other start-ups use the data and benefit from it, creating new services for a smarter, more dynamic and environmentally friendly city.

What stage is the project at?
Live Testing

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