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Big Belly Bins

Environmental challenge(s) met
Waste Management
Air Quality

United Kingdom


Outline of project:
'Big Belly Bins' was first set up in 2003 with aspirations of improving efficiency within the waste collection sector. The bins are solar-powered and fitted with volume sensors that can detect how full they are. With a built-in compressor mechanism, these bins are capable of compressing the existing rubbish inside to make them more volume effective.

Further to this, the bins are able to periodically send email notifications via their CLEAN Management network, which makes it possible for management teams to optimise their collection processes using real time data. Big Belly Bins also deliver benefits in terms of reducing the number of collection trips required, therefore contributing to improving air quality by reducing the number of collection vehicles on the road.

What stage is the project at?
In Production

Monitored output to date? Or potential output if not project not yet live?
More than 30,000 used around the world in 47 countries; no figures on CO2 and air pollutant emission reduction.

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